Tips to Maximize Your Beer Tasting Experience

If you want to widen your knowledge when it comes to beer, one of the greatest ways to learn such is by beer tasting in any liquor store in Corona del Mar CA. Indeed, this could be difficult and crucial. However, you just require to know some of the basics and you’ll be good to go. Here are the things you should keep in mind: 


Beer tasting must be a fun experience. However, if you wish to do it the right way, you’re going to require a bit of preparation. 

First, you should ensure that you have a lot of water with you. When you are tasting a lot of beers, it would be recommended for you to rinse in-between. 

Second, guarantee that you’ve got clean glasses. Once you pour a beer into a glass, it would produce a full aroma. Meaning, you will miss a vital part of the experience if you will drink beer out of a bottle. 

Third, ensure that the beer is not too cold since the beer’s temperature could change its flavor. Before you taste the beer, you can take it out of your freezer for 10 to 15 min. 

Ultimately, if you plan to taste several beers, make sure that you only pour not more than 12 2-ounce in every session. If you pour more, you could begin to experience “palate fatigue”—your tongue will be drunk.  


As soon as you get your beer, make sure to concentrate on how it looks. Pay attention to things on the beer as you hold it up to the light. You can observe details such as visible carbonation, the type of head, clarity, and color. Though they are mostly aesthetic, they could be a great hint about the beer’s taste and quality.  


It is basic knowledge that taste and smell are closely interrelated. After the beer has been poured, it exudes the strongest aroma right away. Hence, hold it near your nose and inhale the aroma. What you’ll experience is greatly dependent on the beer that you’re drinking. However, you will usually observe hints of hops, roasted malt, yeast, fruits, extracts, or other spices that were utilized during the process of brewing. Also, you can smell alcohol, which is the stronger smell among all. Take note that the higher the alcohol content of a beer, the stronger the smell is. Hence, be careful.  


Last but not the least, the beer’s flavor. I know this is all you’ve ever wanted to taste during the beer tasting but you need to take your time. You will need to have small sips first and then try to feel them in your mouth. Remember that the beer’s flavor takes time to develop and it tends to change when the beer warms up. Instead of just pondering if you liked the taste or not, you should concentrate on how the flavors complement each other and how you can compare it to some beers under the similar style.